Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses straight out of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Great Gatsby Style:
I love the idea of bridesmaids in 1920's style dresses, which I think would look amazing with my ideal wedding dress.  Also.. lacey umbrellas straight out of the great Gatsby.

I like the left and middle dresses below..
Below, I really like 1, 4, 5, and 6...


And Colors...

I'm starting to really like the idea of grey bridesmaid dresses with peachy colored accents.  I love the photo below from Green Wedding Shoes, where the whole bridal party is in grey.. and those little parasols!  Too cute!

The wedding below, also from Green Wedding Shoes is beautiful in cream and grey.. So theatrical!

I also like the idea of having bridesmaids in different dresses from a coordinating palette of neutral peach, blush, antique rose, and mauve these are so pretty!

N2, as my future bridesmaid, any input???


  1. The plum dress with the Chanel bottle beside (not behind, as I accidentally wrote before!) it is just what I am after - where is it from?

  2. Hi Anne! The dress is Forever 21 from ages ago... Unfortunately, I don't think they carry it anymore!

  3. Where is the silvery/ champagne sequin dress from?

    1. Thanks for posting! That dress was a vintage piece on Ebay. Ebay and Etsy often have similar ones for sale!


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